Monday, September 6, 2010

We've been together for 5 Years's our 5th years anniversary. We've been together since 2005..and surprisingly without both of us realize..our relation has turn to its birthday on 2nd sept 2010. Less than 80 days we both will step into new stage of life. Tak sabar..honeyo..thanks for being part of my life and soul..hope our love will last up to 50..100..500 years..**erk..abaikan mase 500 itu..tak logik..Being part of my are more closer in every way you are..
Thanks sayang for;

  • each love that you gave
  • each care that you showed when i am in need
  • let me to cry on your shoulder in any situation
  • being my punch bag when ever i get mad
  • being my listener when i'm babbling nonsense
  • every gifts that you showered me
  • food delivery in front of my house when i am hungry
  • each month when my red flag trigger..u the one will suffer with critical pimples prob..hikhikhik..pelik rite but its true...
  • and the most i love is....when i'm merajuk with you on my last birthday..just because you cannot come together with me to balik kg..with a lot of drama and a gallon of tear drops on that day.. Suddenly..tadaaaa!!! just right in front of my eyes...Shah Alam-Bentong in a blink of eyes..u make me cried dear..I love you in each way you are sayang..and thank you for being part of my life!!




yes..we changed a lot..its not our feeling but our life..our mind and thinking..and...OUR you dear!!!


suriadzul said...

hi....happy annvsry dear...semoga kalian kekal hgga 500thn akan dtg..hehehe:P
sonok kan,bila tekenang saat2 manis berdua...uhuhu..anyway Selamar Hari Raya....

Miss Byo said...

tq suria..memang..rase cepat je masa berjalan..btw..selamat hari raya untuk u gak...

Nora a.k.a Aira said...

hepi annivesary. selamar hari raya =)